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The HOng kong cancer fund

Event design & execution
Hong Kong market

Project type: Events design & executions
Clients:  The Hong Kong Cancer Fund,

            The Catalyst Agency Hong Kong

About the project:
HK Cancer Fund is the largest organization supporting cancer patients in Hong Kong providing free information and professional services to anyone who has been or is affected by cancer.

A one-week event takes place in a high traffic shopping mall, Festival Walk, in Hong Kong. Being an in-house creative designer in Catalyst HK, we came up with the idea of displaying 5 pillars with information about the 5 most common types of cancer in HK. We also set up a toy vending machine and ball pit with educational information to attract a younger generation to participate and learn through the event.

My roles in this project:

Event planning

and mockup design 

Graphic design for

the 5 pillars 

Souvenir, Poster,

Props Design and

set up

Event design
& execution


3D rending to show real-life scale.

5 Pillars &
information cardS


cancer fund 05-02.jpg
cancer fund 5-01.jpg
cancer fund 05-05.jpg
cancer fund 05-03.jpg
cancer fund 05-04.jpg


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