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Gas Station
Lighting Design

Healthy little paw

pet food packaging redesign
Hong Kong market

Project year: 2019
Type: Events design
Marketing area: Australia, Singapore 
Clients:  The Economist,

            The Catalyst Agency Hong Kong


Design for

Gas Station

Lighting design @kwdezN
USA market

Project year:        2016
Type:                  Industrial product design,

                         Lighting Design
Marketing area:   USA
Role:                   Junior Design @KWDezn

About the project:
Street light design for gas stations in the USA. Working with senior designer and art director Karl Wong, we came up with more than 30 ideas and finalised the design with the engineers and client.

My role in this project:
-- Create design brief, research & brainstorming 

-- Create mood boards by themes

-- Product sketchings

-- Marker & AI renderings

Theme & Idea sketchings

The lighting design for gas station should be practical and can provide strong light sources. After marketing research, I came up with more than 30 design ideas sketches based on the two themes: Dynamic & powerful, Streamlines

1. dynamic & powerful

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 15.42.13.png

2. Streamlines 

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 19.11.01.png

Product sketchings

Communication is key for good design. Not only the communication between clients and designers but also with the engineers or the other team members. 

2 designs are rendered according to the possibility of production and technical support.

Final design sketchings

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