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the cooperative project -

Rehabus REdesign (Head rest)

for The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

The project covers two designs, the head restraint design, and the interior design. The aim was to enhance the traveling experience of Rehabus users. Over the past nine weeks, we discovered that there were a few problems in the Rehabus by interviews, observations, and site visits. We think that the uncomfortable seat and the boring interior in the Rehabus are the two main problems that need to be solved immediately. Therefore, we suggest designing a head restraint that can attach to the existing seat and provide a fresh and energetic environment by greening and the side panel. With a safe and comfortable journey, the Rehabus service is your companion in your life.

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Rehabus REdesign (Headrest)


PROBLEM& solution


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other PROBLEMs& solutions

Hong Kong's Red Pendant Lamp

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